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Specified systems are systems or features that contribute to the proper functioning of a building.


A specified system is a system or feature that is contained within a building for the primary purpose of maintaining health or life safety of building users i.e. fire alarm, sprinkler, mechanical ventilation system, etc.  


Specified systems require ongoing inspection and maintenance to ensure they function as required, because if they fail to operate properly, they have the potential to adversely affect health or life safety.


Where one or more of these systems exist in a building (except a single household unit), a compliance schedule is required. Whenever a compliance schedule is required an annual Building Warrant of Fitness must also be obtained.


The Building Act requires that each specified system have inspection and maintenance procedures to ensure the system is performing, and continues to perform, to the performance standards set out for that specified system.


In order for a BWoF to be valid, the owner must obtain Form 12A(s) covering all the specified systems in the building and attach them to the BWoF, before supplying it to the territorial authority.


There may be a Form 12A for each specified system or one Form 12A may cover several specified systems. This will depend on the number of IQPs (Independent Qualified Persons) required for a building. Whatever the case, when those certificates are considered together, they must certify that the inspection and maintenance procedures stated in the compliance schedule for all specified systems have been fully complied with during the previous 12 months.




SS 1   Automatic systems for fire suppression


SS 2   Automatic or manual emergency warning systems

          for fire or other dangers


SS 3   Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows


SS 4   Emergency lighting systems


SS 5   Escape route pressurisation systems


SS 6   Riser mains for use by fire services


SS 7   Automatic back-flow preventers connected to a  potable water



SS 8   Lifts, escalators, travelators, or other systems for moving  

         people or goods within buildings


SS 9   Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems


SS 10   Building maintenance units providing access to exterior and

            interior walls of buildings


SS 11   Laboratory fume cupboards


SS 12   Audio loops or other assistive listening systems


SS 13   Smoke control systems


SS 14   Emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, a system

            or feature specified in any of SS 1 to SS 13 above


SS15    Means of escape


Note:  Not all these specified systems relate to fire protection -


SS 8 –SS 12 are not related to fire protection compliance requirements