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For clients wanting to have everything through one company we can extend our services past our standard Fire Protection and assist the client by arranging Building Compliance work for the Building Warrant of Fitness

We are continually looking for ways to save our clients money and improve our own efficiency - as part of our ISO 9001 accreditation.

We ensure the client has a quotation for all work to be carried out.


The only exceptions to this is callouts to defects/activations or minor repairs during testing (ie: replace manual callpoint glass or fire alarm battery) as this is more cost effective to do while on site and may lead to a false alarm activation if not replaced.

We are constantly re-evaluating our supply agreements for all suppliers and contractors to ensure our client has the most cost effective solution.

This method is used throughout the company departments to ensure our client always has the most cost effective solution.

A fire protection system that doesn't function when you need it most is worse than useless.


That's why you can't afford to take chances. You need to know that if a fire starts your fire detection and suppression systems will do exactly what they were designed to do - flawlessly, reliably and accurately.


The safest building is one where all design requirements have been met, where fire supression systems and equipment have been properly installed and maintained, so that fire protection systems will reliably operate when they need to.


These services we offer play a vital part in ensuring that people and property are fully protected should a fire occur.


A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWof) confirms anually that fire protection systems are compliant and working as designed.


Provided a fire protection system has been designed and installed in line with the correct processes and specifications, it will comply with the Building Code requirements.


However, building systems can deteriorate over time, or be modified, or fail to operate for any reason. Like a vehicle warrant fo fitness, a BWof ensures that systems are tested and maintained at regular intervals so that should a fire situation arise the protection systems will operate as they should.

Testing and maintenance is an essential part of ensuring that fire protection systems remain compliant at all times and operate as they should.


Testing requirements are driven by the standards in the building code and are recorded for specific sites on a compliance schedule. Testing and maintenance must be carried out according to specified standards, and certified (signed off) by an IQP – an Independent Qualified Person.  

We build and install a range of fire protection systems including retro-fits through to new buildings.


We have a team of experienced technicians for both fire sprinkler and fire alarm installations. Our installers have the skills and capacity to manage all fire protection installations