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First Fire

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Meeting your compliance legal obligations can be a real headache.


This free guide explains what you need to know to avoid unecessary expense or unexpected fines.

False alarms are an annoying and expensive inconvenience for both building owners and the NZ Fire Service.


"Firefighters are arriving at a third of their callouts to find they are false alarms - a problem costing the Fire Service and the worst offenders millions of dollars."

NZ Herald Article, May 2012


Too many false alarms a costly nuisance


"We specialise in installing, testing, servicing and maintaining fire protection systems so that you can relax, knowing that if fire breaks out somewhere those systems will do exactly what they were designed to do - protect people and property reliably, safely and effectively".


"First Fire Systems have lived up to their reputation and I would not hesitate to recommend them as an accommodating, efficient, and cost effective full service contractor."


Chris Plimmer, Dilworth Trust Board

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